Jokes and short stories of all kinds are inside two books. Blonde jokes, office humor, jokes about animals, jokes about kids and men and women. Jokes about preachers and nuns. Even jokes about lawyers. No one is safe from being laughed about and there are a large variety of funny stories and one liners as well. You will laugh till you pee your pants, fall off the chair and roll on the floor. Almost all of them are kid friendly so parents can relax. There is only one chapter that is “a little bit dirty”, so you are warned and may want to keep the little ones away.
Everyone likes a good laugh!

Both books are compiled of jokes and short stories that were received in e-mails or faxes and you know how many of those are around. I am working on collecting enough for a third book. I had to make two books to start because there were so many jokes and funny stories that it would have been over 1100 pages for just one book and I thought that was too many.  

There is a laugh, a giggle or a sly snicker are waiting for you.
There are over 600 pages in the first volume of ‘Net Wit; And there are well over 550 in the second volume.
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